Baby Sleep Tips For Getting Qualified

Sleep quality will greatly affect the baby’s development. If your baby sleep deprivation will cause decreased endurance, so that your child vulnerable to disease.

According to dr. Goddess Rosalina Roeslani Sp.A (K), a pediatrician from the Division of Perinatology Cipto Mangunkusumo Hospital (RSCM), when your baby is getting quality sleep or non-rapid eye movement (non-REM) then there are hormones such as growth hormone will work with up and repair damaged cells. Doctor Rosi also reveals characteristics babies get quality sleep can be seen of his face relaxed, his muscles were limp and wake up happy.

How can children get quality sleep? Here are some tips outlined dr. Rosi:

Set Sleep Atmosphere
In the womb, babies know already know circadian rhythm. Circadian rhythm is the human body’s biological clock. So when he was born, after adapting, babies can follow this circadian rhythm. Familiarize your child to sleep with a quiet and dim so that he knows that his time means it’s time to sleep. In this way the children can sleep more soundly.

Give Milk
Full stomach then was soundly sleeping. This applies also to the baby, give him breast milk or formula before bed meals will minimize the middle of the night she woke up because of hunger or thirst. For those of you who give milk before going to bed to be ready 2-3 awoke once to give milk again. This is because breast milk is easily digested by the body, in contrast with the formula that made the child’s body metabolism is slower.

Bathe or preemptively Warm Water Wash
Temperature soothing warm water will help the child to get quality sleep. Bathe or wash your child 1 or 2 hours before bedtime will make it sleep longer. The younger the age of the baby so they will sleep longer. The time it takes a baby to sleep about 16-20 hours per day.

Use absorbent diapers
Many baby wakes up from sleep not because of thirst or hunger, but because it is not comfortable with the diaper he was wearing. If you prefer to use cloth diapers instead of disposable diapers should be more frequent change diapers. Dirty diapers will collect bacteria that cause irritation to the baby’s skin.

Set Sleep Patterns Baby
For infants aged 0-4 months can not be arranged sleep patterns. But after a four-month-old child’s brain begins to recognize when the time day and night. Apply nap and sleep at night to the child. Napping helps children to meet the needs of the less sleep a night. Wake your child when it’s time to eat, about 2-3 hours. Should a shorter nap of sleep a night.

Kangaroo Care Method
This method is known as skin to skin care. This treatment is done to the newborn, which uses only baby socks, hats and diaper placed above your chest with no barrier fabrics. With this method the baby will feel safe with you and membiatnya so rarely cry so do not need the extra calories that optimal growth.

“Do not underestimate the child’s bedroom. Keeping a child’s sleep quality is important, because we want optimal growth,” said dr. Rosi’s latest product launches Mamypoko in Djakarta Theater Building, Central Jakarta, Tuesday (12/06/2012).