Automobiles Times Heating Turbocharger Technology

The automobile with turbocharger technology is with brighter future of development. Alone with the product research on turbocharger and exhaust limitation in cities, T times has become the trend for automobile market. For instance, 1.8T engine is quite popular in the market to take a lead for T-type car products. Recently, the turbocharger market is controlled by three giant technology providers of USA, Europe and Japan.

German turbocharger product series covers the full line of car designs to offer wide choice for consumers. Italian turbocharge applies 1.4T engine to supply new energy modes in the brands of Fiat, Buick and Chevrolet. Following the steps of European and USA turbocharger items, Japanese automobile manufacturers also offer new products to the market with wastegate bov for your turbocharger. The symbolic work Tiidagts follows the well-known turbocharger car design of Nissangt-R in the 1980’s.

Dating back to the history of turbocharger, it has owned important position in automobile industry. In 1885, Gottlieb Daimler invented the mechanical turbocharger technology. In 1925, Swiss engineer Alfred Posey applied exhaust turbocharger technology to fulfill the power efficiency improvement. Then, the car was tightly connected with turbocharger. Due to the difference of regional characteristic and industrial development condition, turbocharger development also illustrates various features.

Commonly speaking, the development ideal of German and US turbocharger targets on the reduction of exhaust emission to improve power supply. Therefore, such two series of wheel turbocharger design may be applied from the early stage. But, the accelerating effect of the car is not so obvious. Therefore, the turbocharger is suitable for daily driving in the city road. To the opposite, Japanese turbocharger products are mainly used for high-end sports car series. During the actual driving process, it can provide powerful force and accelerating drive. To those consumers eyeing on passionate driving experience, Japanese turbocharger could be a nice choice.

Checking the whole turbocharger market, consumers mainly prefer designs of Golf 64.1TSI and Hideo XT1.6T. New generation of TIIDAGTS applies MR16DDT turbocharger to offer the max power of 140KW and the strongest torque of 240NM. The accelerating process from zero to 100km/h only costs 8.2 seconds.

It is known and accepted in automobile industry that the release of new-type TIIDAGTS, SUBARUSTI, EVO would lead to the balanced position for turbocharger manufacturers from Europe, USA and Japan. Alone with the illustrating advantages of turbocharger, more and more consumers would welcome the times of T to cope with the exhaust restriction of car policy.