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Automobile industry in India has gone through tremendous transformation in last three decades. There is a time when India hardly had its own car manufacturing company; today there are numerous car manufacturing centers. Moreover, automobile services in India are being offered in plenty which not only efficient but match to the international standard also. The entry of Suzuki Corporation in Indian passenger car manufacturing was the first indication of automobile revolution in India.

The late-90’s was the time when automobile industry in India reached to the point of self reliance in engine and component manufacturing from the status of large scale importer. Moreover, software development companies in India have gone one step above in offering suitable automobile software services. One such software is fleet management solution which is directly related to fleet management and automation of automobiles.

The fleet management software was originally developed during 1970s was based on mainframe computers. However, in 1980s the software became operative in personal computers which now is provided as SaaS. Necessary and complex, fleet management software helps companies manage the number of vehicle related legislation and offer end-to-end backups/solutions across the vehicle’s life like which may include leasing, maintenance, convenience services and remarketing, etc.

Automobile Insurance solution forms the basis of service oriented business architecture of the car company where the software development company promises to offer hassle free, 24/7 availability of enterprise data, insurance sales-cycle analysis, integration to back-office accounting system, seamless flow of information between corporate systems and remote dealers and real-time reporting and analysis, etc. to client company.

The fleet management system provides the company with comprehensive monitoring capabilities for its fleet of vehicles which includes acquisition, maintenance, insurance, accident, rescue and remarketing amongst others. Moreover, the completely integrated web-enabled system ties all the departments of the car company insurance and provides a common platform for data exchange and retrieval. The software is developed using Microsoft framework and technologies such as ASP, SQL Server, and XML, etc.

Automobile application software helps to have a secure, robust and scalable application. A consistent performer, such software provides a framework that seamlessly integrates with the car company and its distribution and insurance partners. Moreover, it enhances the availability of crucial customer information 24/7 across the network and helps in offering B2B application portal that could be accessed across the network and facilitate the overall financing process. Software developments companies understand and identify the need to leverage the potential of Internet based enterprise e-commerce applications and offer the solution in conformance of the same.

Automobile finance services being offered by various auto companies tackle the challenge of tracking out customers, induction of new cars, services, etc. and for that suitable application software is mandatory. Automobile application software offers services to help companies provide competitive financing deals to customers with the help of a strong dealer and alliance consortium. However, the challenge is how to track the business movement of sales finance at the distributor and alliance levels and ensure that business critical data were readily available across the network.

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