Automatic Car Drivers Need To Avoid The Five Common Operating Errors – Drive Automatic Transmission

Through the introduction of the first two, I believe we have the knowledge on Automatic cars have a relatively preliminary understanding of the driving automatic transmission cars have enough confidence. As the Guangzhou traffic congestion, driver’s license test when most people, although science is my hand cars, while the open car is Automatic. Thus the lack of basic knowledge of driving Automatic formal training, often some bad habits. Be sure not to overlook this point, once the habit is very difficult to cultivate change, so the best way is to start driving should form good habits and avoid entering the driving errors.

A misunderstanding: the world go by D block

Many open Automatic vehicle when the location of the barrier boom and put D on the matter, and no matter what the road conditions to meet all of the D block, which is why they say to open Automatic car simple reason. In fact, the real people who know how to open Automatic car, it will in due course will be attached to the boom moving up and down to meet the needs of different road conditions. In the general road conditions, we can use the D block has been driving. However, in the mountains on the road, we must choose the right time dropped to a low gear.

If the speed too fast, more than you want the gear down to the maximum speed reduction gear of the automatic transmission this time the damage is very large, very easy to burn transmission of the friction plate, and the many auto- block transmission cars have self-protection mode, this operation can not be realized. In such cases, we need to use the brakes to reduce speed, and then be put on the appropriate gear. Of particular note are: a low gear is more slip do not want the faster car, not to slow down the speed very quickly, to slow down on the brake, until you consider slow enough, then lower gear, use engine brake to control speed.

Misunderstanding 2: left foot braking vehicle injury

Many people have the left foot braking operation, they think, to open automatic transmission car, without the shackles of the clutch, left foot on the liberation, while the right foot then another operation of the brake operating the accelerator, too tired, simply with the left foot to brake, so that a one foot pedal operation, division of labor is more reasonable it! and in the relatively large slope, even after Automatic vehicle can easily slip, brake and then stepping on fuel car is no longer easy to slip .

Superficially, it seems that this argument makes sense, does not. Think of our car, in addition to the large slope, how much time is used with the accelerator and brake? If not extreme off-road, this is almost non-existent. Have the opportunity to try, simply grasp the good left foot brake brake intensity. While the left foot braking

have also been regarded as orthodox techniques, have seen a number of depots to provide the information to the user for training, but things are a long time ago. Even if we can not say the wrong foot brake operation method, but I think that this is not a good way, many people do not grasp this method before, it is easy to become side refueling operation while braking, which power system the work of each of the friction parts are subject to wear and tear, especially in clutch, so much pressure it is a very harm it, while fuel and brake, transmission and brakes kill each other, this is not a a wise move.

Misunderstanding 3: short-term parking to abuse block

Temporary parking (such as green or on the road crossing and other traffic congestion) to wait or block the use of N with D block, which is open Automatic car most common problem is also the most controversial issues. In fact, both methods have drawbacks, of course, the shortcomings of a method would be another way of natural advantages. Look at the use of D block, drawback is the engine to put some load on the open air in the D block, idle speed lower than the two 300 turn on the engine is a hard job; and to keep still in D block , we must tread brakes, brake handle sometimes do not get the car stopped, it will increase the chance of accidents, if over time, a right foot felt weak, it may run into the vehicle in front; and the whole engine , transmission, axles, wheels and brakes are in another force, it is clear that the location of those connections will increase the friction surface wear.