Appetite Reducing Excess Easily

Having an excessive appetite was not good for health. If this habit is running for a long time and that you are eating high fat foods, you will be at risk of obesity. To fix this, you need to reduce excessive appetite that can interfere with your diet.

But do not worry, because there are some tips you can do to monitor and reduce your appetite:

Asking In Yourself

For most people, food is not a reason to increase body weight but more towards just in between munching and snacking. Experts stress eating this type is not related to hunger, but also apply when bored or stressed or daily routine. There is an antidote to that is simple: ask yourself honestly, why would you put food in your mouth. If hunger is not the main reason, quit.

Find a New Routine

If you eat a lot of it is due to boredom, stress and routine, what to do when bored, stressed or need a routine? The answer is easy: the roads, turn on the music, call your friends, read your favorite magazine. Anything that gives you pleasure and relaxation. If you can create a new routine for the day by day, but without involving food, this is an appropriate step to lose weight.

Turning on the Lights

When you go into the kitchen at night, turn on all the lights there. Irvine, a researcher from the “University of California” say you will feel in the spotlight that lit many lights. The feeling of being in the spotlight makes you have additional awareness and will not act recklessly unnecessary, like eating ice cream for example.

Use Scented Candles

Next time you want a snack, light scented candles. Research shows certain scents can withstand appetite. Aroma useful with this is good for apple, banana and peppermint.

Appetite Press

You will not find this advice in the national library of medicine, but when you feel powerless against your appetite, try pinching small area of ​​cartilage, attached to the place where your jaw just below the ear, which some experts say that it acupunture is the point of appetite control. Do this for half a minute.

Eating Fast Foods glut

To eat less at meals and snacking, choose foods that have a high satiety level, which means more filling than other foods. Strangely though it was tasty and fatty foods fill you up, they do not have a high value in the scale of feasting because we tend to want to keep eating more.

Some foods are filling are: popcorn, peanut butter, potato, brown pasta, cooked green beans, grapes and oranges.

May be useful!