Advantage Auto Glass Repair at a Glance

Serving lots of customers in the greater Toronto Area for over 7 years, Advantage Auto Glass leads the glass repair and replacement industry therein. It is a family-owned and operated company so its core of staff provides personalize, and yet professional, customer service.

Windshield is one of the most important parts of vehicles. Taking this into consideration, Auto Glass Repair does not only simply replace broken windshields but offers a repair solution for any kind of situation that a Toronto native may have regarding his or her auto glass repair needs.

Windshield replacement—most cars of today are critically designed so that the windshield is an integral support of the car roof. The installation of windshield is guided with certain standards which primarily include FMVSS or Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards. However, should Advantage Auto Glass determine that their customers’ windshields cannot be repaired in any way, they can further offer full windshield replacement complying with industry standards. They even have this so called “modern replacement” in which a lifetime warranty on the waterproofing of their customer’s windshield is also offered. Even if their products are guaranteed against manufacturing defect, their customers will still receive free repairs for life on any of their windshield replacement services.

Auto Glass Repairs—Aside from windshield, there are also other parts of the car that are made out of a glass material. Some of them are door window, back glass, vent glass, slider doors and quarter windows. Despite the rampant fraud in manufacturing of glass material, that is to say, some manufacturers are using low quality materials in order for them to increase their profits, Advantage Auto Glass uses glass replacements that are manufactured to Original Equipment (OEM) Standards regardless of the source—be it an original equipment manufacturer or just from another regular supplier. Hence, their customers are rest assured to receive a high quality glass product that is installed to look like the original piece of glass.

Free Chip Repair—For people who have comprehensive insurance, windshield chip repair service is payable with most, if not all, insurance companies. But with Auto Advantage Auto Glass, this type of service is free of any charge because all of the customers’ deductibles will be waved.

Mobile Service—Replacement of windshields does not only happen inside the perimeter of Advantage Auto Glass repair facilities. Their certified installers will move directly to the location of their customers just to get the job done and make a done deal, that is, whether these customers are at home or work. In cases where they would need to install auto glass products on the road, they still manage to meet the same standards of the automotive industry. However, this service is only offered in the Greater Toronto Area.

In addition to their windshield repair and replacement services, they also offer window tinting using a high quality window film. Contact them now at 416-877-7517 to learn more about their services and how they handle insurance claims at no extra charge.

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