7 Steps to Becoming Parents Not Spoiling Children

The desire of the child to be the mainstay of parents when faced with a fussy baby. However, if you continually do, it is not likely the child will be spoiled.

If you want to raise the baby without spoiling, but still responsible for making children, parents should set the ground rules. Here are 7 of the best ways to avoid spoiling the baby as described Baby Center.

Set Rules
Parents sometimes become weak and easily misled children because they do not apply the rule from the beginning. For example, when a child wants to eat the cake, but she had too much to eat sweet foods. Consider the sentence you utter. If you say ‘Ok, you should not eat cake’, this will open up opportunities for children to sulk eat cake again. But if from the start you’ve made a deal with him, like, ‘ok you should not eat the cake, and then save the cake’, this sentence will not make the child have a gap to ask for more.

Consistent Rules Against Defined
One is one, no more. Many parents are undecided when it comes to setting rules for your child. For example, you set only one piece of cake for him every week, but you hesitate and let him take the second piece. When the condition of guidance that you have to do is imagine the consequences that will occur if the laws are not enforced, that he did not understand the reason why you make the rules.

Never Give Up Against cries
Once you fulfill his wish as she wept, then he will know how to get what she wanted. Strong is your heart to tears, and give simple explanations are easy to understand so that he understands what you mean set the rules.

Create a deal
If he want something you myself also still hesitant to give, you can give additional rules. For example, your child wants to watch his favorite tv show, you can provide additional rules as she had to take a nap or clinch first piece. By making this deal, you will be sure to let him watch television.

Formerly Then Rights Obligations
One study showed that children who will be able to face their responsibilities in the future depression. Even balitapun can be taught to be responsible to clean up his toys. After he runs his responsibility, you can give the time you have set for him to play.

Do not Fear Making Disappointed Kids
Seeing sadly disappointed his request was not granted because it usually can make mom sad. However, you should not give up. Your child should know that he does not always get what he wants. That way you teach children to learn to accept disappointment that children are able to cope with stress later.

Just Do not Give a charge
Many experts agree that children become spoiled because parents always give them what they want without demanding to children. If your child wants a new toy, you have to set the system ‘reward’. Only when he behaves well or get good grades in school, then he can get a new toy.