6 Fear of Frequently Encountered Candidate Father

The moment of the birth of your baby and the husband would be so forward. But are you aware that not only you feel tense and worried the day of birth arrived. The fathers also feel fear, what they feel?

Following the exposure of a Clinical Psychologist from the United States, Jerrold Lee Shapiro on baby center:

Unable to Meet the Needs and Protect Family
The biggest fear felt by the prospective father is the ability to protect and meet the needs of families. This triggered fears of increasing family members to be borne by him and his partner’s emotional changes that forced the father to be able to rest for the mother.

Can not Help At Childbirth Process
Based on the experience of Jerold Lee Shapiro as a psychologist, more than 80 percent of men who said they were afraid to consult him unconscious during the process of labor. Fear is probably based than story or spectacle that shows the delivery process. In fact, only 1 out of 600 men who collapsed while accompanying his wife in the delivery room.

Fear of Death
When there is birth there would be death. This is what might be haunting your husband. When your husband is still young, he thought that he was immortal and invincible. But when the baby comes into your life and family, the husband will feel that the existing generation that will replace it.

Fear of Safe Motherhood and Infant
Childbirth is a stressful experience at the same time meaningful. Likely the most fatal when labor is losing the baby or you can not survive during labor. Fears for raising their own children to be things that always feared by the prospective father. Your safety and your baby will always be a top priority for the husband.

Changes in Your Relationship with Husband
In addition to the pre childbirth fear, fear of the father is likely to take place after childbirth. Fear of change in the relationship between you and your husband. Men often worry if you will love the baby more than he did, and you will rule out an intimate relationship with him. It is the most common fears. In the first weeks after birth the father would feel left out because you’re too busy taking care of the baby. You should have an explanation that the baby is more dependent on the mother, and there will be times when your baby will play with his father, alone without you.

Awkward or Shame When the doctor Gynecology
The men are very common with everything dealing with the content. Many men claim to be embarrassed when I have to accompany her partner make a visit to a gynecologist, because they felt it was not comfortable for him. Give meaning to your husband that make decisions together about the steps and its role in the delivery process will be very helpful on the day of birth approaches.