This trick Talk About Sex with Your Children

Psychologically, children aged 9-11 years are in pre-puberty and puberty so it should be equipped with knowledge about the development of self, both physically, emotionally and socially in order to keep themselves and confront these periods with more positive. But usually the child in pre-pubertal age as such, tend to feel embarrassed to ask about the problem of human growth and reproduction system for adults. The shame is what makes them choose their own seeking information from sources that are not necessarily true as a friend or internet.

Departing from this, Binus International School, Serpong along with the Parent Support Group (PSG) felt the need to provide education about sex and puberty to students, by holding ‘Let’s Talk About Sex with Your Tween’ dedicated to the parents, as the aptitude to be can establish harmonious communication between parent and child regarding such a sensitive issue.

“At the age of 9-11 years, is a time of transition when they learn to break away from us (parents) and friends become more important. During this time children begin questioning ‘gender identity’, and the duty of parents to be able to chat and ‘enter’ as their friend, “explained Ruth Abraham, a child psychologist and family who became speaker in a seminar held in Library Hall Building ECY & EL, Binus International School, Wednesday (05/30/2012). Continue reading “This trick Talk About Sex with Your Children”

Sad! New Birth 2 hours, Baby It’s Already Suffering Cancer

Atmosphere of the delivery room can be a terrible moment for any new mother. Nevertheless, it instantly changed smoothly during labor and the mother saw the baby was born healthy.

It is also felt by Lorraine Wilson, who gave birth to her son, Evan Wilson at the Princess Royal Maternity Hospital, Glasgow, UK. This happy moment too so eagerly anticipated by her husband, Scott (41 years old) and the youngest daughter, Jorja (6 years).

Unfortunately this happy moment did not last long, exactly when Lorraine discovered a strange lump on her baby belly. Evan immediately examined by a specialist and found that he was suffering from liver cancer. This makes the youngest cancer patients in the UK. Unfortunately the fate of that little baby …

The doctors could only give chemotherapy treatments after he turns 12 today. Innocent babies are given a number of other treatments in very concerned, given his very young, as quoted from Dailymail. Continue reading “Sad! New Birth 2 hours, Baby It’s Already Suffering Cancer”

Dangerous! 6 Sex Myths Often Heard This One Child

Providing education about sex to children needs to be done early, especially in the pre-pubertal age (9-11 years). But there are some false myths about sexual issues at this time, from the statement ‘a virgin is not cool’, or masturbation helps the body tall and strong.

Some of these myths will give a false understanding of the child, for it is your job as a parent is to give an explanation of the myths are wrong. Wolipop encountered in the seminar on the importance of sex education for children and parents, which was held at the International School Serpong Binus, Wednesday (05/30/2012), Ruth Abraham, an experienced psychologist who focused his work for children, youth and families to explain what are these myths:

Myth 1: Sex is disgusting and dirty
Make the conversation about sex to be enjoyable so that children are always open to you. Answer their questions calmly, explain about gender and gender identity, do not refuse to answer or children will find their own answers that are not obvious truth. Also teach them to respect themselves.

Myth 2: Sex = Love Continue reading “Dangerous! 6 Sex Myths Often Heard This One Child”